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October 2020
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Pacesetters Event Workshop
10/26/2020 - 10/26/2020
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Leadership Connections - Virtual and Hybrid Opening Retreats
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ALP New Member/New Leader Orientation
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For the first time ever, four of Tennessee’s premier leadership organizations will collaborate to present a conversation with Jon Meacham, Tennessee native son and resident who has established himself as one of the foremost voices on presidential history, as well as a winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his biography on legendary Tennessean Andrew Jackson. THE POWER OF HOPE: History of Leadership Triumphs will be offered virtually to community leadership program members and alumni around the country on Tuesday, October 20. Meacham will be interviewed by former NBC anchor and Nashville communications strategist John Seigenthaler Jr.

The interview, which will focus on leadership triumphs in challenging times throughout history, marks the first time these four leadership organizations have collaborated on an event. Cathy Cate, Executive Director of Leadership Tennessee, expressed excitement about the historic first this represents for the nonprofits. “The Executive Directors of all four organizations have known each other for a while,” she said, “but it was Covid-19 that brought us closer together to share our common challenges during this extraordinary time. Each of our organizations has been disrupted by the virus and stay-at- home mandates. Separately, we were planning various platforms to keep our alumni engaged. We are thrilled that through our collaboration and community support, we can bring a speaker of the stature of Jon Meacham to unite hundreds of leaders across Tennessee and beyond.”

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Monthly meeting


Leading Across Generations

with Raven Solomon, nationally recognized keynote speaker, author, and founder and president of the Center for Next Generation Leadership and Professional Development

For the first time in history, there are 4 generations working alongside one another in the workplace. Differences across these generations can create frustration, tension, and breakdowns in communication.  This session will engage attendees of all ages, as they learn about the differences and similarities across multiple generations in the workforce, and how each can be leveraged to create a synergy that drives results. Attendees will walk away understanding general characteristics of each generation, why these characteristics are as they are, how they tend to show up at work, and how each generation best receives leadership.

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Pacesetter members serve as models and exemplars of the industry. This event will allow members to convene as a cohort and provide an unique opportunity to be among the visionary colleagues who are driving change in our country.

All current Pacesetters are invited at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Any ALP member interested in participating may register for a fee of $150. For more information, contact Lura Hammond


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Host:  Cathy Cate, Leadership Tennessee

 For new ALP members/leaders - meet fellow ALP members and walk through ALP website as well as other resources available to members.
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Host:  Christopher Kennedy  Thi is a session that will engage your board chair.  You should invite them to attend.

Host:  David Sachs, The LEADERship

Host:  Sarah Rhea, Leadership Montgomery, TX